Master's program in Ethnology

Master Degree with a concentration in Ethnology
The Master degree training in ethnology is offered as a one year or two year course of study. Students take obligatory courses in ethnology as well as elective courses in other departments and/or faculties. In addition to courses offered on campus in Uppsala and Visby, students can take Internet-based courses. Students may also carry out an internship as part of their training. In addition to these opportunities, students may take advantage of the department’s Swedish and international networks to establish contacts with other universities.

Master courses in applied heritage politics at campus Gotland
We offer three master level courses at our Gotland Campus in Visby. These courses form part of the new Master Programme in Sustainable Destination Development. Non-Students may however also apply for these courses independently. Read more about the courses below.

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In cooperation with the Department’s PhD program and the Engaging Vulnerability research program, we also offer combined masters and PhD courses that are multi-disciplinary and thematic. For a list of past courses, go here

Masterkurser Campus Engelska Parken

Etnografi (7,5 hp)

Etnografi är en kvalitativ metod som har sitt ursprung i kultur- och socialantropologi, men som sedan länge används flitigt även bland etnologer. Med utgångspunkt i etnografi kommer studenter att fördjupa sig i olika relaterade metoder både genom textläsning och i praktiska övningar. Kursen ges på engelska och samläses med masterstudenterna i kulturantropologi.

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Etnologisk vetenskapssyn (7,5 hp)

Kursen Etnologisk vetenskapssyn syftar till att ge fördjupade kunskaper inom aktuell etnologisk forskning, dess teoribildning och metoder samt att diskutera samtida kulturteoretiska problemställningar och anknyta till diskussionerna om tidigare forskningspraktik. Kurslitteraturen är såväl etnologisk som hämtad från grannvetenskaperna. Undervisningen sker i form av föreläsningar, seminarier och grupparbeten.

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Metod och text i aktuell etnologisk forskning (7,5 hp)

Kursen förmedlar avancerade kunskaper inom aktuell etnografisk kvalitativ forskning. Tonvikten ligger på hur teoretiska perspektiv och kvalitativa metoder tillämpas på empiriska fält och andra typer av material samt vid uttolkning och textpresentation. Kursen syftar till att ge fördjupade kunskaper inom ett urval av aktuella etnologiska forskningsområden. Undervisningen sker i form av föreläsningar, seminarier och i förekommande fall grupparbeten.

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Masterkurser Campus Gotland

Cultural Heritage in Sustainable Destination Development (7.5 credits)

Cultural heritage is a buzzword in the contemporary world. In ascribing outstanding global, national or local value to particular sites or practices, the impacts on the places and communities thus singled out are multifarious, especially as many such places also become prominent tourist destinations. How can we make cultural heritage sustainable for all, and reconcile conflicting interests?

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Natural Heritage in Sustainable Destination Development (7.5 credits)

Drawing on a broad definition of landscape and nature, this course addresses issues related to the uses of nature in natural heritage, in the form of rural and urban landscapes. As is the case with cultural heritage, the making of natural heritage is not necessarily an unproblematic process. How can we work with natural heritage and still accommodate differing points of view? 

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Cultural and Natural Heritage in Practice (7.5 credits)

In this practically oriented course, students participate in an existing research project related to heritage and sustainable destination development under the supervision of experienced teachers and scholars. 

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