Scholarship Opportunities

Faculty of arts conference stipend
Deadlines: March 31st and October 31st
The department encourages you to participate in events organized by the international research community. For this the faculty of arts is giving out minor stipends for master students' participation in conferences and workshops. Applications are considered twice yearly. Send your applications with information about 1) what event you consider participating in, 2) what function you will have (paper presenter etc.), 3) how it fits your research, 4) a budget clarifying all costs, and also if and who you have applied for additional funds from. 

Applications should be submitted to the director of studies
Successful applicants will be notified by the director of studies
Note: that the total sum may shift from year to year

Scholarships for enrolled students (Uppsala University)

Scholarships for prospective students (Uppsala University)

Minor Field Studies (SIDA and UHR)

The Swedish Institute Study Scholarships

Scholarship opportunity for students from southern Africa (SANORD)

University and student nations (page only in Swedish) – good nations to be member of: Smålands and GH (as they have good travel scholarships).

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