Reactions to the Coronavirus


Mirko Pasquini
Mirko Pasquini

Mirko Pasquini, PhD, held a web seminar together with associate professor Claudia Merli on the 18th of March, where they analyzed how emotions, fears and symbols produced in the pandemic are changing healthcare systems and societies, at national and supranational levels. They focused on northern Italy.

The context of underfunded and fragmented public healthcare systems was highlighted, and so was various reactions to the current situation, which contain everything from blaming to humor, demonstrating how people try to make sense of the situation.

These are reactions both to the virus itself as well as to the resulting measures taken by different governments and other institutional actors.

- I don't really think you can separate those two things in this context, says Mirko.

Their aim is to draw special attention to the sociocultural contexts in which the Covid-19 pandemic plays out.

Text: Alexander Öbom

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Last modified: 2021-11-22