Sanatoriums as a sociocultural arena


Birgitta Meurling
Birgitta Meurling

At this time when tuberculosis has returned because of antibiotic resistance, and as the corona pandemic has put many countries in quarantine-like situations, there is a need for studies on how epidemic diseases in near history have been handled culturally and psychosocially. The sanatorium culture which developed around the disease can provide a suitable starting point for such an analysis. Architecture and the role and design of the physical environment are also of vital interest in this context, as well as how the disease-related isolation of those affected was managed.

In order to explore this, the ethnologist Birgitta Meurling and art historian Britt-Inger Johansson have been granted initial support for the development of the interdisciplinary research project Sanatoriums as a socio-cultural arena around 1890-1945. The project group also includes the researcher of literature / author Carina Burman and the aim is to expand the group further in the future, with a medical historian and a music researcher.


Last modified: 2022-08-09