African studies in English in the spring 2021


Picture of the African Renaissance statue in Dakar. In the background the city crowds of houses.
African Renaissance statue in Dakar, Senegal

October 15, 2020 is the final date for applying to ours courses in African Studies. From Spring 2021, our fulltime course in African Studies is taught in English as a way to open up for more students. 

African Studies A 2020/2021 (30 credits/ECTS)
The aim of the course is to provide basic knowledge in the field of African Studies and its theoretical and methodological points of departure. The course offers an introduction, grounded in the humanities and social sciences, to African societies and countries, including the African diaspora. The course also highlights Afro-Swedish relations, links and contexts. Through the combination of interdisciplinary perspectives, the course provides tools for analyzing complex historical and contemporary contexts.

In addition to the full time course in African Studies, each module may be studied as an individual course. It allow you to follow your special interests and your wish to take an additional course at the same time as you study your full-time education elsewhere.

African History, Culture and Society 2020/2021 (7.5 credits)
Africa in the 2000s 2020/2021 (7.5 credits)
African Cultural Expressions and Artistic Creativity 2020/2021 (7.5 credits)
Afro-Swedish Relations Past and Present 2020/2021 (7.5 credits)


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