Ny artikel: Music, Memory, and Affect Attunement


Ulrik Volgsten och Oscar Pripp har publicerat en artikel med titeln Music, Memory, and Affect Attunement: Connecting Kurdish Diaspora in Stockholm i senaste numret av Culture Unbound. Abstract och länk till artikeln nedan.

This article takes its point of departure in Maurice Halbwachs’ notion of collective memory, adding the distinction made by Jan Assmann between communicative and cultural memory, and Alfred Schütz’s notion of communication, understood here as the sonorous communication of bodily a ect. By combining and cross-fer- tilizing the concept of memory with that of a ective experience, our aim is to take a new and productive perspective on music’s role as and in cultural memory as well as the crucial role played by a ect attunement. As examples, we use inter- views and observations from an on-going research project on the role of music in ethnically-based associations in Sweden. In addition, we show how music o en transgresses the categorical distinctions of collective memory. e main questions we ask are a) to the extent that there is a di erence between music serving as a means for and as content of collective memory (what the memory is “about”), how can we account for and explain this di erence? and b) how does verbally-narrated content relate to the sound of music when it comes to collective memory? 

Länk till artikeln: http://www.cultureunbound.ep.liu.se/v8/a11/cu16v8a11.pdf